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Unfortunately, the world is full of homeless Christians. Now, we don’t mean homeless in the sense they don’t have a place to live they can call home (although that sometimes can be the case sadly). We mean Christians who find themselves for various reasons unable to settle down or find a Church they can truly call their spiritual home.

A place where they can receive godly impartation and likewise impart to others. If you are one of those homeless Christians and wondering if you are ever going to live a fulfilled life in active service for the kingdom of God; then do not despair.

Here, at Kingsbury Baptist Church, enabling people to fulfil their potential in Christ is not only biblically desirable for us, but a godly imperative we seek to honour. We are always on the lookout to help our fellow Christians find fulfilment and joy in the services of God and His Kingdom.

Why Get Involved?

Your Christ-enabled abilities and giftings do not have to lie dormant and untapped. You can use them to glorify God and take your rightful place as His ambassador in this world. There are many ways you can be useful to the Kingdom of God, such as volunteering for church functions, performing outreach duties, mentoring your fellow Christians and instilling in them the mindset of a disciple equipped to adequately represent the LORD Jesus Christ in a world, where He calls us to shine as lights. Through such selfless acts and rendering of service to God, you also attain spiritual growth. True spiritual growth happens when you become an active participant in worship and the services of God’s kingdom, instead of a passive follower.

How Do I Start Getting Involved?

The first step is to listen to what God is saying to you specifically about Kingsbury Baptist Church. Ask Him how you could be most helpful and useful. Attend one of our worship services and make time afterwards to speak to our Pastor, Reverend Jo Phillips who, will help you identify immediate and/or future volunteer opportunities.

There is no “right way” to be involved — any time, extra hand, or specific skills you could offer will be appreciated. When in doubt, talk to members of the leadership team, share with them your experience in Christian service and enquire about how they think you could best help in the services of God’s Kingdom at Kingsbury Baptist Church.

Several Ways To Get More Involved

There are plenty of ways to serve at Kingsbury Baptist Church. Your choice of service usually comes down to the amount of time you can commit and where your passions lie.

First, consider your own personal interests and skills. Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you great with children? Do you love working with young adolescents? Do you have a knack for community outreach and engagement? Are you a natural at public speaking and do you enjoy it? Are you an organiser and work well in bringing out the best response in people?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then you need to take it a step further and attend one of our services. Quite often you will find, the key to becoming more involved is simply being present and attuned to the needs of your spiritual home community. The answer may be right in front of you! God will enliven your faith in ways you can not quantify, as you devote yourself to the services of His Kingdom.

If you’re still stuck for inspiration, consider these opportunities for serving at Kingsbury Baptist Church:

  • Be Part of Our Weekly Worship
    A userful God send

    There are many positions available to lay people during worship services. While some positions require some training, others require just your time, dedication and a desire to glorify God.

  • Work With Children or Youth
    Enjoy working with Children and/or youth

    If you enjoy working with children and/or youth; opportunities abound for you to be instrumental in raising the next generation of Christians that will love Jesus, honour Him with their lives and acquit themselves well. In a world that is said to be postmodern, these new generation of Christians will shine brightly, in the light of God’s love.

  • An Encourager
    Provide support, confidence or hope

    As ambassadors of Christ, we extend far reaching better encouragement in every capacity than the world because we preach the Gospel, a message that transcends all human capabilties. Maybe, you exude that effervescent hope in Christ that can make a difference to others and if so, we would love to hear from you.

  • Lead Lay Ministry
    Ministry that speaks to you

    If you don’t currently see a ministry that speaks to you, with the right training and support, you could lead a lay ministry that speaks directly to areas of your interest, so long as they are biblically grounded and sound; in harmony with the overall vision and direction of the Church.

  • Become Involved In Hospitality
    A naturally hospitable person

    We believe we are hospitable in nature as a Church. This is because of the selfless acts of generosity and kindness of the individuals involved, who happily render hospitality as an act of service to God. If you are hospitable and passionate about it, you will feel right at home when you meet other like minded individuals here.

  • Events Planning
    An organiser

    In addition to our weekly Sunday services, other events are likely to take place. If you are good at planning, organising, mobilising and interacting with others, you could be the sort of person or persons we are looking for to assist the leadership team in executing events. 

  • Raise Your Voice In Songs of Praise And Worship
    Join our Worship Team

    Do you love to sing God’s praises or play a musical instrument in the worship of God? We need people to lend their voices or become committed Worship team members. Come to one of our Sunday Services and find out how to join the worship team, and don’t forget to mention if you play an instrument!

  • Offer Tech Support
    Good with tech or social media

    We livestream our services every Sunday and on other special occasions.

    If you are tech-savvy and know your way around a computer; or are into web design or development, you can help us by becoming part of our media and tech ministry team.

    If social media is your bread and butter and you can curate targetted inspirational content on a weekly basis for our Facebook Page and Group; Instagram, or other related social media outlets about the life of the Church, please get in touch.

If you have expressed an interest in any of the opportunities mentioned above, please get in touch or even better, attend one of our Sunday Services. Following the Service during refreshments you can speak to Pastor Jo Phillips or any of the leadership team about becoming purposeful in the life of the Church.

Being involved in Kingsbury Baptist Church can do wonders for your spirituality. Through acts of service, selfless-commitment, dedication, hospitality and learning, you can grow, deepen, renew and strengthen your commitment and faith in God through the LORD Jesus Christ once again.

Having found a purpose in Christ and abounding in His grace; you can now finally settle down at Kingsbury Baptist Church; your spiritual home.

Looking for opportunities to flourish and become purposeful for the kingdom of God, get in touch today. Select I Want To Get Involved from the Enquiry Dropdown list of the Get In Touch Webform. We would love to hear from you.


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